From Where I Sit – Week 27

If I was sitting across from you right now, I would need you to weigh in on two ongoing debates. First, I would want to know if you think summer is over now that July fourth has passed. Do you know people actually think this? It feels like it has just started getting warm and people are already decrying the loss of summer.  Are you one of them? And if you are, can you please give me some advice on how to maximize the now ‘end’ of my summer. I need all the help I can get. Second, what are your opinions on Paris? Is it overhyped or the best city in the world? Once I heard your rationale for these two things, I can make the corresponding tallies and continue on with the rest of our lovely dessert date.

If I was sitting across from you right now, you would beg me to explain. Normal people don’t just ask random polling questions and then settle back into their chai lattes. I would tell you that I am bemoaning the whirlwind of summer. It’s almost shocking to have transitioned from dreaming of sun-kissed skin to being insulted by the heat even though it happens every year. With all the impending activities that are packed into the next two months I am overwhelmed. Throw a new house into that mix and we are on ‘make the most of summer’ crisis mode. Every time I hear that summer is over, a part of me stands madly resolute that it can’t be. It can’t have passed me by already, when I have yet to enjoy it. We would make a pact to do something to enjoy it this weekend.

If I was sitting across from you right now, you would  tell me that most people love Paris. My poll seems to prove as much. They love the romance, the quaint feel, the food, and the architecture. Meanwhile, I think I just like the crepes and the Sainte Chapelle. I would need to explain my hatred for hype. I am critically averse to hype. If you are hyping something, I am hating it. Are you like this? Am I the only one? This is why it took me so long to watch Hunger Games or listen to Serial. If I am being honest, this character flaw I have, to hate something hyped, has helped me out. It is much easier to binge watch/listen to these things than wait year after year for the next installment. Believe me. You would have to interject, because Paris cannot be binge watched. Nevertheless, I am not feeling the hype of Paris. Don’t get me wrong, it is lovely. But, I could name dozens of places  (even in France alone), I would rather see before Paris. After my tirade, I would want to know why. What makes you love this city of lights or love whatever else it is the city of. Maybe you would be able to convince me a little. Maybe not, but you would try regardless, because turns out people are very serious about their love of Paris.

If I was sitting across from you right now, you would ask to see pictures of the house that Chris and I just bought. The little fixer upper that is taking all my free time and extra money. Although the house will never grace this blog in the capacity of being amazing architecture, it is exciting. It is exciting to finally not be renting and to be able to do little things to make the place we live better. If you were interested, I would tell you about all my big plans and the many phases to come. I would even invite you over for some cake once things are made livable. I hope you would reassure me that it will be less of a construction zone in two weeks when we move in.

If I was sitting across from you right now, I would ask about your recent dreams. Lately, I’ve been suffering from panic dreams of painting.  This is quite possibly the most boring dream ever and oddly stress inducing, but it makes me think that dreams are not just random synapses firing in my brain. If so, shouldn’t my dreaming be a little more random? If we were together, I think we would both marvel a little at how much of the human body we still don’t know about. This is just a crazy thing if you really think about it. Case in point is the dreaded lyme’s disease I had last month. Turns out doctors still don’t have a lot of information on lyme’s disease, dreams, and concussions.

Instead of thinking about how frightening it is (and it is frightening if you are the one suffering), I’ve decided to believe it’s because we are all marvels. And even though it is a scary, it is also empowering. Everybody is a thing not fully described, not fully understood. Made up of millions of elements that are smaller than what we can really see, we may never be completely mapped out. There are not robotic or rote answers for all of us, everything is a puzzle. And because we are never fully understood or static, that means you can still be a little bit of anything, always.

If I was sitting across from you right now, I would wonder about your plans. I was watching a comedian the other night who cracked a joke about people in their thirties. The comedian goes, “what does it feel like to no longer be the future?” It was funny, but also crazy depressing. As I inch closer to that with my birthday next week, I would have to admit that my future still seems lengthy. I don’t believe I’ve fully arrived at it. You would agree because at this age we have to. But most likely, everyone feels like that always. You will talk about your own endless hours wondering where you are going or where you want to be. I would ask if you think the grass is always greener on the other side, or when is it appropriate to take a leap of faith. Turns out I am not big on taking much leaps. I crave regularity. So, I would propose that we take some leaps together.

If I was sitting across from you right now, I would excuse myself to go get another ice cream sandwich and ask you to remember right where we left off.

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