(New) Old South Church – Moral Opulence (1872-1875)

Almost every morning, I emerge from the depths of the T and face Old South Church. If I’m being honest with you, it still takes me a little longer than I would like to make it up the flight of stairs into the light, but as I emerge I always take a moment to appreciate the façade in front of me. It just stops you in your tracks. It’s a delightful mix of incredible planning with a touch of whimsy.

Taj Mahal – Labor of Love (1632-1653)

At least over here, February is the month of love. It’s just inevitable when you combine Valentine’s day, a birthday and an anniversary into a week long period. And so, I give you the Taj Mahal, love architecturalized.

The Taj Mahal is a tomb. It is a glorious, extravagantly decorated piece of architecture that is pretty much all about one woman, Mumtaz Mahal, and the love she shared with the Mogul Emperor, Shah Jahan. Women are not often the motivation behind great architecture. But in the 1600s, where king’s had multiple wives and could do whatever they pleased with whoever they pleased, the love between Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan was something else.

Big Ben – A Chiming Pheonix (1855)

Big Ben stands tall as a clock. This is what you and I both readily know it as. It, as the icon, the image, the emblem. An easy landmark, which almost everyone can attribute to London, even if they have never been. But, Big Ben is also like the pheonix from Greek mythology. That emblem we link to the Queen and crumpets, also stands proud reminding England of its own fiery rebirth.

The Tower of Pisa – Architectural Jenga (1173 -1319)

You’ve heard and I’ve heard, usually right after making some grave error. Someone tells you even mistakes can lead to great success. And if we are being honest, I think we like that sentiment so much because our day to day life is riddled with mistakes. It’s natural. It’s human.

But no one likes it when architects make mistakes, especially when it leads to dangerous situations or possible collapse. In fact, most architects in this scenario would be sued.

2017 – Here’s Looking at You

You pass architecture everyday. It lines the streets that you walk down and it makes up the spaces you inhabit. At some point, you’ve probably been shown some critical buildings too. The Pantheon, Parthenon, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower and the Coliseum, to say the least.